Genital Mutilation

Mutilation of Women Unknown The number of mutilated woman and girls in Africa and the Middle East is increasing due to population growth, according to Win News. But internationally financed population, health and safe motherhood programs ignore Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and have failed to implement effective preventive education. Education should be provided to the woman and men in the participating countries so the risks of this mutilation can be understood fully. FGM is painful, dangerou
Effective Speaker Paper For this segment of this class I choose Hillary Clinton\'s Women\'s Right Speech that look place in Beijing, China in front of the United Nations. She speaks about not just Women\'s Rights, along with children and families, and points out that these issues are not just happening in the United States but they are happening worldwide. I will discuss with you the setting at that time when Hillary was presenting, the focus of her conference, along with the expectations and g