Zeus Vs Hades
Martin Lopez

Freshman Composition 1
Dr. Dorothy Simpson
March 4th, 2015

Throughout history people of many different cultures have believed in all kinds of different gods to explain the meaning of life. Two of the most iconic gods in history to ever have been believed in was Zeus and Hades. They have many similarities and differences but they are also brothers. Zeus and Hades both rule over their own kingdom. Zeus is the King of the Gods and controller of the Heavens and lightning, while Hades is the King of the Dead and controller of the Underworld, wealth, and metals. Both Gods are both feared and respected. Zeusí symbol is the eagle, while anything dark or fearful is often related to Hades.
Zeus is the god of the sky, he lives at the top of Mt. Olympus. He controls all other gods with his mighty power. He often sends the gods on journeys to different places to do his bidding. He also punishes gods for making the wrong choices. According to Greek mythology Zeus punished Prometheus for giving man the gift of fire by chaining him to a rock with an eagle tearing at his liver for all eternity. Hades also controlled his own kingdom in the underworld. He had total control over the dead and used them as his servants to do whatever he desired. He was known to be cruel to the dead and torture them for pleasure.
I think the difference of Zeus and Hades reflect the classic beliefs and worldviews. Zeus is a mighty and strong hero, which are qualities also reflected in almost all other Greek heroes and myths. This could reflect the belief that physically and mentally powerful individuals are to be respected and honored. Hades on the other hand is a mysterious and seldom seen figure. He is feared by many for what he will do to anyone he comes into contact with. This could reflect the Greek belief of the unknown and mysterious.
Both gods are feared and respected. The other gods fear Zeus and follow his command and leadership. They donít want to go against him and suffer his punishment. They respect his mighty power enough to follow in what he says. Hades commands a different type of fear and respect. He has no sense of remorse and is pure evil. He gets pleasure from the pain and suffering of others and does whatever he can to cause this. He gains the respect of others for fear of what he will do to them regardless of what they do to him.
Zeus has control over the Earths weather. He is in charge on managing all the rain, wind, lightning, fire, earthquakes and thunder. He is known to protect the planet and punish those who try to bring harm to it. Hades is the god in charge of riches of the earth. He uses his evil powers to corrupt the inhabitants of the earth to fight over the riches causing pain and suffering to the world. This bring Hades sincere pleasure so he will always continue to find ways to bring pain and suffering to those on earth.
Zeus and Hades, sons of Cronus, have their similarities and differences but they balance each otherís power. Zeus brings peace and life giving rain to combat Hades rein over grip he has on the inhabitants of the world. These brothers are the gods of the earth. Both of these gods have had a powerful impact on the beliefs of the Greeks.