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Xavier Jackson
Dean Bapes
         Radiation Turned My Brother      Into      The Hulk
    Hulk first debuted in The Incredible Hulk in 1962. His creation was inspired by Frankenstein, Quasimodo, and The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Bruce Banner is a genius who was born in an abusive home. Bruce's father beat him and his mother for years until one day he killed Mrs. Banner in a rage. This caused Bruce to develop psychological issues around anger and fear. In spite of this, Bruce became a brilliant physicist who specialized in gamma radiation.Bruce was recruited to develop a gamma bomb' for use by the U.S. Army. During a test of the gamma bomb, Bruce noticed a teenager had snuck into the test site and rushed to save him. Bruce saved the teen, but was caught in the blast himself.      Hewas taken to a military hospital and introduced to Rick Jones, the teenager he had saved. When night fell, Bruce transformed into an unstoppable creature that was soon named The Hulk. After  the exposure, Banner was a subject to emotional stress against his will most of the time leading to moment of destructive rage that make Banners life much more complicated.                 Eventually Bruce banner learned how to control his anger which helped him control the hulk and he was also able to join a superhero team called the avengers which hosted multiple great heros of all time. Bruce learned to over come his anger and fear from his father that would make the hulk rage and now he transforms his anger into good and helpful for his society. This long and stressful process of overcoming obstacles was similar to my brothers battle. On December 24th,2015 my brother Levi Jackson was going to get acne cream from his doctor where he needed to get blood drawn to see the best cream for his skin and they found out that my brother had something really weird with his blood and rushed him to the hospital to where he found out he was diagnosed with AML leukemia. Day 1 of his battle he didn't know what he was in for he was overwhelmed with fear and doubt that he would overcome this crazy disease at such a young age of 17 ,  he felt as if he would have to stop his love for music and deal with cancer full time eventually my brother started chemo and radiation and went through all the crazy effects that came with it from losing all his hair to losing all his weight. He felt as if he had no control over what was going on with his body and couldn't do nothing to help his own self until he learned how to control and face the cancer and attack it. Instead of looking down on the situation he looked on the brighter side and tried to see the positives in his situation. He attacked the cancer and and started to control what he can control and now he is 100% in remission and cancer free. To me my brother is similar to hulk in ways how the hulk didn't plan on his life changing at that moment Bruce banner didn't expect to turn into the hulk that day and have to face something not everyone can, just how my brother had to face a rare form of cancer found in young people. Also they both had to overcome a lot in their situations how Bruce banner had to overcome the situation with his father and all the anger he had built up he had to learn how to control his feelings of a situation so he wouldn't rage and go crazy similar to how my brother was overcoming the battle with cancer and how the side effects were taking a toll on him but instead of letting them take over his situation he started doing things to make his situation better like eating better and working out to control his weight problem. They both also share another heroic similarity like going through radiation not to many people in the world can go under radiation and come back 1000x better than they were before. When Bruce was accidently

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