Who Is To Blame?

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Who is to Blame?

Brent Sommers

Throughout the Elizabethan Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet there have been key people responsible for the two young lovers' deaths. The main reasons for the death of these two fine individuals may be found on the consciences of the people surrounding them both. It may also be the feud. between their families, and the well-meaning but misguided assistance of others? Before all of this may by judged, we must think if this was nothing but fate that brought these two lustful teens to their deaths.

Before the facts may be stated, I must first introduce the main people that may have had a powerful effect on Romeo or Juliet. The friends of Romeo, Merutio and Benvolio, are slightly to blame. Benvolio, the peace maker, may have tried to help but most likely he wasn't to blame. Mercutio, the mean prankster, was largely responsible for the death of himself and Tybalt. Mercutio was the main reason for Romeo's anger toward Tybalt.

The main person responsible for Romeo's death was most likely Friar Lewernce. He was the person that took these too newly met, lustful children into their marriage. Since the two children were married so soon and at such a young age, this made them very unable to make their own important decisions. This can be proved about Romeo when he was banished he bellowed like a little baby. The nurse had to make young Romeo act like a man just to think about Juliet instead of just himself. The main reason for the Friar's decision to make the two be married is because this may help their families stop fighting. In the end this was proven to be indispensably the motivation for the two kids to kill themselves.

Numerous individuals were accountable for the death of Juliet. The main people that were responsible for this happening were the nurse and lady Capulet. The nurse, being a blabbermouth out spoken person, was most responsible for her death. She never acknowledged that maybe Juliet wasn't ready for this immense of a step in her life. The nurse never took any responsibility for her deadly actions for Juliet. In Act two-Scene four the nurse warns Romeo to be true to Juliet. This is almost impossible for such a young, unthought out marriage of two teens.

Now that I have introduced the possible reasons for the death of this couple, now I must put the actions of the others into perspective. In Act three-Scene one the fight that ended Mercutio's and Tybalt's life is most responsible for Romeo's banishment. The banishment of Romeo made everyone around him start to realize that maybe he isn't such a man anymore. After Juliet found out about Tybalt's death, she also found out that Romeo was responsible for his death.

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