Welcome To The Underground

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Welcome to the Underground

Nick Mc

While America sleeps safely at night, safe and secure in their world there is another world taking place, a more dangerous and wild world. A world going on right beneath their noses. Its taking place in their super markets, in empty whare houses, forgotten buildings, parks, and yes friends even there roller skating rinks. Many will never know hear about this world that usually takes place every Friday and Saturday. For it may be safer to not know, for if one knows one may be tempted to want to experience this world. Experiencing this world has been know to alter many lives. For once going underground theres no turning back, this ladies and gentleman this is the world of the Rave...

We walked towards the castle drawn like magnets, already sensing the hum of activity that lay inside. Already overly excited from the many energy drinks we had consumed for ?ultimate performance.? My friend explained to me that a man named John Bishop started building this castle single handily along with some help of his family in 1963 and every year he would add something new. It is nestled in the foothills of Pueblo, Colorado and safe from any civilized towns. As my companions and I drew closer the butterflies in my stomach flapped louder and louder. The moon was shining brightly right over our heads the time about midnight I estimated and still our journey had not begun. There were people frolicking everywhere mostly teenagers, but people of all ages. They were dancing and hugging and running around energetically. Mostly dressed in baggy jeans and trippy outfits I saw one girl wearing a see-through plastic skirt with her underwear showing plainly. Others had on doctors masks, carried glow sticks, and some had pacifiers in their mouth, I didn?t know why. Everyone seemed to now everyone else. Except for me of course I knew no one. I looked at myself, jeans and a T-shirt. ?I don?t think Im dressed right,? I whispered to my friend, a so-called Rave expert. ?Don?t worry man nobodies going to care,? he replied. We were now nearing the entrance to the castle, each grabbing our tickets tightly holding them as if they were the golden ticket in Willy Wonka. I handed my ticket to the door man, got a half hearted pat down by the security guard and stepped into the world of the rave.

My first thought was, ?What did I get myself into!? People were moving everywhere at a high speed pace flying around like bee?s in a hive. All in some kind of musical trance. Hypnotized by the shaman like vibrations coming from the speakers. The music so loud I could not think, only thing I could do was move my body to the hypnotic sounds as I walked with my friends. I saw people break dancing on the floor, Men and Woman massaging each other bodies. Lots of people giving hugs to people they?ve never even met. I see smiles traveling everywhere around the room. I walk around the corner a happy smiling blond hair girl runs into me, she proceeds to give me a lovable hug. Asks if I?m have a good party and speak a word I?ve never heard before- P.L.U.R. I later find out P.L.U.R stands for peace, love, unity, and respect, its the raver code. I suddenly find myself separated from my friends. Im alone in this new world without a guide. I find my feet moving my body without me telling them were to go. I am grabbed by some scruffy looking guy that screams above the music ?Don?t I know you?? I have never seen him in my life, I find this sort a thing happens allot in a place like this. Its seems everyone is my best friend and they all wanna introduce me to some new. This scruffy guy proceeds to grab me by the arm and introduce me to his many friends. They all start dancing so I dance with them all to the same rhythm, are vibes have connected and I don?t even know one of there names. A pretty girl makes her way behind me and starts to massage

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