The bullets shatter glass, bones, and lives. April 20th, 1999, Denver, CO was the day two teenagers took the lives of fellow classmates, teachers, and enemies. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold turned that day into one of America?s worst high school shootings. Columbine High School will forever be the example of what happens to troubled kids when they go beyond their limits. A combination of social cliques, and bullying led to Harris and Klebold?s rampage. The song ?Youth of the Nation? by POD illustrates the social conflict of many teenagers in school settings in the 1990?s.
Through the song ?Youth of the Nation?, it is clear that teens in the 1990?s felt pressure to be popular and fit in with certain social cliques. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris were not popular, yes, they had a circle of friends, but it was not the ?jocks or preps? the pair hung out with. They tended to hang out with the social outcasts and the misfits. They showed their dislike of mistreatment by the ?jocks? by targeting them the morning of April 20, 1999. ?They said they wanted anyone wearing a white ball cap, the signature of Columbine athletes: "All jocks stand up!" one gunman yelled.? (Glick) They knew Columbine High School athletes had a tradition of wearing white baseball caps to represent their involvement. The two targeted jocks because of the mistreatment and a hatred at all the ?in crowd? for not accepting the two into their folds.
None of the victims knew what was going to happen on April 20, 1999. It was clear Klebold, Harris targeted specific people, the people who picked on them and the social cliques who did not accept them, but also race, religion, and personal relationships played a huge factor into their hatred and eventually, decisions to kill. No one knew of their preference to Nazism and Natural Selection, Darwin?s survival of the fittest, and they believed anybody they hated was not to survive Natural Selection. After the shooting spree police found the writings of Eric Harris in his journal, they saw he rallies against the human race altogether and claimed Columbine was only the beginning of their revenge of the world for not accepting the pair. ?Harris, ?talks a lot about natural selection and that kind of leads into his admiration of Hitler and Nazism and their ?final solution??that we, the human race have interrupted or disrupted natural selection by inventing vaccines?he talks about that: ?It would be great if there were no vaccines, because people who should have died would have died, and we wouldn?t be perpetuating this kind of stuff.? (Cullen) He believes the world wronged him.

Social cliques in ?Youth of the Nation? are expressed by talking about trying to fit in with the ?guys? and not being accepted.
?It?s kind of hard when you ain?t got no friends
He put his life to an end
They might remember him then.? (POD, 2000)

Dylan or Eric can be alluded as the ?Johnny boy? POD sings about in ?Youth of the Nation? because they were not accepted into the popular social groups as Johnny boy was not one of the ?guys?. Eric and Dylan left their mark in 1999 by shooting their fellow students at Columbine High School as Johnny boy tried to leave his mark by committing suicide. Eric and Dylan also tried to carry out their hatred by shooting unknowing victims. POD depicts a victim?s point of view in the lyrics:
?But who knew that this day wasn?t like the rest
Instead of taking a test
I took two to the chest,
Call me blind but I didn?t see it coming? (POD, 2000).

Harris and Klebold felt the effects of not being accepted in the popular social cliques and developed a hatred of many types of people. May teenagers felt the pressure to be accepted in social cliques and some measure of hatred towards other teens that did not accept them.
Bullying was also a social conflict many teenagers faced in high school. Many people blame bullying as the trigger that caused the boys to kill so many. The boys faced taunts about their sexuality and their appearance weekly by the ?rulers of the school,? the jocks. Eric Harris wrote in their journals about the taunts and eventually they would get back at everyone. ?This kid took it a step further, a giant step further and actually acted on