Thinking About Stupidity In Our Scholars

William Mason, Anti-Ph.D.

The stupidity in our scholars, like stupidity and arrogance everywhere, follows a model. The model presented here was developed by Anticommerical University Professor William Mason. It applies in general to stupidity at any level of intensity. It has 5 stages.

1. Mimetic Arrogance

One party identifies themselves as an authority on a subject and other parties imitate that arrogance. Examples of things scholars and professors are arrogant about: science, literature, art, sociology, psychology, philosophy. Whatever the culture tells us is a difficult subject, that's what scholars decide is worth being arrogant about.

2. Mimetic Use of the Word Mimetic

Now the parties begin competing for the object of arrogance: jargon. Whatever big, fancy words emerge, others copy them. Since they all use the same words in different ways, any hope of finding concrete definitions of them vanishes. To win, you only need to get more exclusivity of words such as 'exclusivity.' If the word becomes ubiquitous, then you make up even more complex words that have simple meanings, such as 'ubiquitous.' If this doesn't work, then you must resort to using neojargon or pseudojargon or neopseudojargon or neopseudoneojargon. Examples of these forms of jargon are the prefixes 'neo' and 'pseudo.'

3. Graikos

Graikos is a Greek word that means "Greek." It's the root of much stupidity found in scholarly discursions. In the rivalry for respect, if one side finds an inferior usage of jargon, they are caught in the temptation of Graikos and feel compelled to retaliate by literally speaking a whole new language. Thus begins a "jargon" war, fought on the battlefield of the dictionary. Graikos is what makes it so hard to read their professional journals, so hard to feel like you have any grasp whatsoever on vocabulary. It's so easy to feel intellectually inferior to such unjustified usage of language. The gap between scholar and layman escalates.

4. Intimidation

Eventually one side crosses some arbitrary threshold of concern where the supervising authorities feel compelled to intervene. It's essentially random which side is considered the "supervising authority" since they both consider the other as worthless scum, but often it's the faction with more college degrees, which uses more venomous attacks to maintain parity. Whichever side is considered the "supervising authority" becomes the intimidator of the layman and the others who kept their ego below threshold are victims, doomed to low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness.

5. Authorized, Sanctioned and Sacred Stupidity

To appease the scholars, the authorities determine guilt and visit sanctions and punishment on the intimidated. This escalates the stupidity to the next higher level of authority in our culture.

The 5-stage pattern repeats at all the levels of power and for arrogance and stupidity. The most virulent monopolies that scholars enjoy are over respect, attention, money, power, land, or ideology. Scholarly conflicts and school "honor societies" follow this model.

In the Ivy League, centuries of low-grade knowledge conflicts bubble along until one side gets enough power to visit depredations on another. Thus we see buildings named in the honor of the scholars, and a fixed tuition so that all students are forced to pay the scholars' wages even when the scholars don't bestow onto the students their promised intelligence. At every point in academia, the dynamic is somewhere in the 5-stage model, which repeats endlessly.

The only way to stop the stupidity is to adopt the conscious goal of de-escalation and run the model backwards. Giving up sentence fragments that have no meaning, such as this one, despite the scholars' own inability to write, giving up arrogant egos, avoiding the temptation of Graikos, avoiding intimidation, avoiding authorized and sanctioned stupidity.

Right now professors are visiting authorized and sanctioned stupidity against their students. Thus professors are running the scholarly stupidity model forward toward more future scholarly stupidity. In universities, the mimetic arrogance is the right to use state-sanctioned stupidity to maintain the social order desired by those in power. In primary schools, the unique kids are the outcasts being shunned by the teachers. In secondary schools, the outcasts are the smart "nerdy" students, shunned by the "jocks" and "debs." Littleton is only a symptom of the rage resultant from this pecking order imposed by the scholars.

A common type of intimidation is thrust upon a person who bears witness and speaks the truth to power. Powerful figures in human history were martyred for bearing witness to brutality and