Would you think that judging your father because he is a poor man makes you a better person? Most times sons criticise their parents because of their economic situation understanding them for not having enough money. Therefore children consider themselves more important. This is the case of the main character John Harcourt in the short story the snob by Morley Callahan. In this story the protagonist when behaving as a snob undergoes a hard process till he realizes he has had the wrong attitude towards his father.
At the beginning john is unwilling to recognize his father a t the book store. In this moment the man is enjoying time with his girlfriend grace in that place. Yet, when he is buying a book he sees his father reading and the boy decides to escape from his dad. Indeed john feels ashamed of his father because of his simple clothes and lack of money. Therefore the guy is incapable of greeting the old man in the book store.
Some minutes later he feels uncomfortable with the idea of introducing his girlfriend to Mr. Harcourt. Particularly Harcourt believes that if G race meets his father he will lose her. In fact, the boy blames the girl for being a snob, telling her that she dislikes and looks down poor people for their shabby clothes and simplicity. Even though he is the snob. Hence the young man is nervous that the girl can prejudices the elder.
Finally john feels guilty for p aying no attention to his father. Consequently he realizes that he is the snob. Actually he is sure that the young girl would have accepted his father but he would have felt miserable. As a result he admits that he is as poor as his father. Thus, the guy feels sorry for disregarding him.
To sum up in the whole story the main character suffers a difficult process for being a snob. Firstly the protagonist is incapable of acknowledging who his father is. Secondly john is anxious because Gracie is about to meet the older man. In the end the guy feels guilty for rejecting his father all the time.