The Significance of the Kings Highway

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         The Significance of the Kings Highway
         In the '     The Vampire bat''     , by Eric      Walrond      the significance of 'The Kings highway'' is portrayed through the main character      B     ellon           P     r     out      a white Barbadian      Planter      who is returning home to Barbados after fighting for the British in the Anglo-Boer War. The Kings Highway is Bellons understanding of how Barbados works and that is imperial British power. He      wants to travel      the Kings High way      at      night      and this status of returning in which B believes gives him a kind of authority, protection and safety as a colonist      leads to      Bellons      tragic flaw in this story.
         If explaining a story within a story=
         In the "Vampire      bat'', by Eric      Walrond      the concept of the "story within the story" is portrayed though      Walrond's      use of dialect that serves to produce an oral narrative within a written narrative. T     he main character      is      Bellon           Prout      a white Barbadian Planter who is returning home to Barbados after fighting for the British in the Anglo-Boer War. The Kings Highway is      Bellons      understanding of how Barbados works and that is imperial British power. He wants to travel the Kings High way at night and this status of returning in which B believes gives him a kind of authority, protection and safety as a colonist leads to Bellons tragic flaw in this story.
         W     e are introduced to Mother      Cragwell      a      Mullato      shop keeper who      Bellon      knew      well before he left for South Africa     . He visits her      on his horse      Rayside      on his      journey home. While he is there a black woman Lizzie Coates arrives and there is an exchange between her and Mother      Cragwell      when she recounts her experience in 'the gully''      walking late at night      and something told her to step aside and change her umbrella and bag as she thought she was being followed by a '     Duppie     '', a      spirit ,      'a man of the canes'', the kind of intuition she would call a spiritual knowledge. As      much as there is belief in God      MC is saying these spirits '     duppies     ''      don't            really      care about God and God isn't      going to protect her from that.      This exchange between MC and L causes a shift in the story from proper English unfolding into dialect is important because she is taking narrative power away from      Bellon      and all that is associated with him is standard Englis     h.      Walrond      uses Dialect to produce an oral narrative within a written narrative     , a story within a story           and this becomes important because when LC and MC have this exchange we get introduced to another way of thinking, seeing and understanding      what happens when you travel on the road at night which offers a counter to B's belief that if you are born human you remain human and does not believe      in'duppies     ' and spirits     .
         Bellon      refers to it as 'The Kings Highway ' and ' Mother      cragwell      refers to it as ' De Kings      Highways'' .      MC and B are on very different ends they don't see things the same way. The use of dialect she makes with      Bellon      who is using      standard      English makes their exchange a stilted one.      The pace is different from when the story starts, the way in which the dialogue unfolds is different from      Bellon      and MC and the speed of that says something about call and response that MC and B is a listener but she is also part of the story she becomes some sort of chorus for Lizzie and she validates      what L is relaying because she responds and says ' you 7 days      adventists      why are you guys going about at these times'' trying to say this alternative system has no power over you and is MC's warning that the      duppies      don't care about God. This offers us something of a warning of      whats      going to happen as MC tells B that this story is meant to be a lesson and asks him if he was sure he wanted to go home so late. Mother      Cragwell      re-asserts the road as "de Kings Highways" in dialect and in so doing strips it           of its British

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