The Odyssey: Odysseus the Hero

“Oh for shame, how the mortals put the blame on us gods, for they say evil come from us, but it is they, rather, who by their own recklessness win sorrow beyond what is given.” This quote comes from The Odyssey by Homer. It is perhaps one of the most famous epic poems ever written in history. Odysseus’ life is in the hands of the Gods and his hero like qualities that help him conquer anything on his voyage home from the Trojan War.
Throughout this voyage, Odysseus is tested in many ways, each time he overcomes them. These tests put an emphasis on his heroic traits. For example, at the Land of the Lotus Eaters Odysseus reveals his overpowering strength when he forces three of his men to retreat from that land. He was also very clever and cunning as told in the story. Odysseus could think of a plan on the spot and make it happen. In the Cyclope’s (Polyphemus) cave Odysseus plans a way out with his intelligence and leadership and fools Polyphemus into getting drunk and falling asleep, then after, jabbing a flaming stake through his one eye. Even today, no modern hero could every outstand Odysseus. A firefighter, whom may be considered a hero doesn’t have half the skills and traits Odysseus would possess. In order to be an epic hero like Odysseus you have to bluntly stand out from your men. A firefighter may do a truly amazing deed and save someone a time or two in their career; but Odysseus could save people on the daily.
The Gods affected Odysseus’ voyage in many ways too. He had some gods on his side, and some that were not. Athena, the goddess of war is perhaps the most loyal and helpful to Odysseus, such as when she convinced the gods to free him from Calypso. A god who wasn’t fond of Odysseus was the powerful god of the sea; Poseidon. Poseidon was the father of Polyphemus. When Odysseus left his island he prayed to his father. He requested that Odysseus would have trouble in the sea, for longing his journey. Another god who was on Odysseus’ side was King Aeolus, the keeper of the winds. He appeared to Odysseus and gave him a bag stuffed with wind that would blow him home if he used it carefully. The distinct line between who was helping and who was threatening Odysseus became clear throughout the story.
Before all these events took place, there had to be a way the earth came to be. Gaea was Mother Earth and Uranus was Father Heaven, together they created the Titans, the Hectateriats and the Cyclopes. Two Titan’s offspring became the Olympians. These Olympians were Hades, Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Hestia and Demeter. A war broke out between them and the Olympians, when they won Zeus, being the most powerful was then on know as the god of all gods.
In conclusion, the gods took a major toll on the life of Odysseus on his way home from the Trojan War. I think The Odyssey is a clear description of how the Greeks assumed why things happen. To me, this is a timeless poem that regards mythology in a way never explained before.