The Mis Education of the Filipino
Our present Educational system   tends,in the main,to hold the students to customary,the existent,and the common place.It makes them merely participants with the present generation.In fact,it is often so full of dogmas,authority,and a thousand lesser cramping influences which retard progress,that is actually encourages reaction ism.Instead it should,if it is really to "lead out",launch them from the shoulders of the present generation,passing on to them that which society has inherited or considers most contributory to its loftiest ideals,not as an end in itself or as a highest good,but appoint of departure in a new progress of discovery and invention Filipinos called as an uprooted race because they had to be disoriented for their national goals because they had  to become good colonials.We Filipino some Western values that we have until now.We love to hear foreigners call our country a paradise on earth,and we never stop to think that it is a paradise only for them but not for the millions of our countrymen.We Filipinos must  realize that we can stand alone even they don't support us because I believe that theres no impossible if we are helping each other develop our economic life.

For me the strongest point of he essay is the language problem of the Filipinos.In discussing the cultural backgrounds of Filipinos and Americans,we pointed out that although Filipinos are predominantly of one racial stock,we speak many languages;whereas,Americans are of many ethnic backgrounds,but are predominantly English speaking.This confusion of tongues has been a major problem in Philippine Education for many years.The student has been required to spend precious time in learning language before we can begin to tackle the content of basic subject matters.Because of the colonial education,we've been disoriented.Language is important because through language,taught develops,and the development of thought leads to further devt of language.
This essay  still applicable in our time because this essay encourage Filipino people to learn so that we are able to know and understand the importance of high educational standards.The education of the Filipino must be a Filipino education.We need to know the goals and need of our nation.This essay always reminds us to use and love our native language.While child,mother must teach first the native language before he/she starts to use foreign language.

Reading Renato Constantino's essay entitled "The Miseducation of the Filipinos" gives me an impression that there's much more to what we see in these days about the educational system in the Philippines.
There are many concepts presented by the author that has been taken for granted by the leaders, curriculum planners and other key players in the education system in the country. It is evident that no educator has come up with an educational system that is nationalist.
The author emphasizes in the essay that the educational system is patterned in the American educational system which worked in the beginning. But in the end, after we gain our own independence, the context of the educational system no longer worked because it is good only for American framework.
Filipinos were conquered by the Americans through education. Constantino reiterated that capturing the mind is the best means of conquest. Thus, Filipinos were educated by the Americans to become good colonials. Filipinos were taught to write, read, speak in English; Filipinos became literate, but were brain washed and became strangers to their native land; to the culture and history of their own country.
Education was established based on the American framework by the Americans not just for the purpose of educating the Filipinos but also to preserve and control their control to our country.
Filipinos were disoriented to their nationalist goals because they had to become good colonials. The use of English as medium of instruction caused division among the Filipinos; educated were separated from the masses.  "They had to forget their past and unlearn nationalist virtue in order to live peacefully, if not comfortably, under the colonial order."  Filipinos learned the lives of the American Heroes, sang American Songs and forgot about their past, their culture
and from where they belong. They live their life the American way. Filipinos became "LITTLE AMERICANS".
Economically, politically, culturally, the US is the master of our own house. They lay little emphasis on the kind of