Would you kill yourself because of your life problems? Some people think that death is the only solution to all their problems. As in the case of the main character of the short story "the legacy" written by Virginia Wolf. Angela ha several reasons to commit suicide.
The first reason that made Angela kill herself was feeling abandoned by her husband. He was devoted to his job all the time and he spent a bit of his time with Angela his wife. Its for that, she felt lonely during the days, along and neglected by him. So she decided to end with her life and end with this big problem.
Another reason to commit suicide was that Angela could not have children, and with her husband devote in his job and she alone in home without a child to dedicate her life, she felt sad and also she saw herself like empty woman. So without children she felt useless. So she take the tragic decision.
The last reason had the main character to end with her life was the death of B.M, her lover- together they maintained a relation based in love, in BM Angela found what in Gilbert, her husband she could not found. With BM she felt a woman, happy and accompanied. But as she could not abandon her husband BM decided to kill himself. And is for that Angela decided to commit suicide.
In conclusion Angela suffered a lot, she had three strong reasons to kill herself, in first place she felt alone and neglected by her husband, in second place she felt useless because she cannot have a baby and in third place BM's death was the principal reason to commit suicide.