The Kiss

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The Kiss


Hesistant, he feels

Drumming his fingers against his side

Keeping cool, as he tries

Directing attention to the sky

Nevously, he speaks

Commenting the beauty of the stars

Lousy, he feels

Attention is hard to get

Curious, is what he feels

Turning himself to face the girl

Warm, is his heart

As she chooses to smile at him

Shyness, he feels

Seems like fire behind his ears

Affection, he recieves

A pinch on the arm, a peck on the cheek

Peace, he attains

As the crickets suddenly shut up

Courage, he builds up

Reaching out for her hand

All ready, he speaks

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

"Yes," she says

No resistance to his tight grip

Speechless, they are

in a kiss.

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