The fbi and atf dispute is about whether they should let fugitives and former criminals buy guns when they are not allowed to buy guns. The fbi requested a formal reconsideration in 2010 and they got denied the request and they are keep asking for it and it is keep getting denied.

Colin kaepernick got down a knee during the national anthem to protest the police brutality and he is with the black lives matter movement and he said he is not going to stand to support the country that oppresses black people and ministries in the country and he knew that it would come with backlash at him for not standing

They are talking about whether a juvenile convicted felon whether he should be able to get out of paying back the victim's family back with what is called restitution and how they grew up affect it or how old you were when you went to jail.

The president of isu used the isu plane to go to north carolina where his mountain house is at and he used the donation money to use for himself which could be used for something else.

Social media is used by 75% of teens in america and they talk about cyberbullying as a problem and depression are the biggest problems in social media. The phone represents social media because that's where everybody gets on social media.

The north dakota pipeline is used to travel a lot of crude oil across america from north dakota to the east and people have gotten hurt in protest by dogs and they are taking away land from the native americas.

Polk county is raising the min wage to 10.75 in the next 3 years. It will get raised to 8.75 then it will go to 9.75, then for the last year it will go to 10.75 and there will be a youth wage will have a min wage that is 85% of 10.75.

The rangers proposed a new stadium threat they said would cost the taxpayers about 500 million dollars and people would be cool with that. Now that said they the stadium would cost the taxpayers billion dollars just for the taxpayers.

The dodgers catcher accused the 2nd basemen when he was at second he stole the signs from the catcher and told the batter at the plate. The dodgers manager said that every team tries to do the same thing some time and he said it was part of the game for that to happen. The second basemen for the cubs said it was hard for me to see home plate because all the lights are behind home plate

The Kansas City royals keep the computer wrong with the projections in the last 3 years by defining the odds they have at the beginning of the season and the computers can never get the most unpredictable team in baseball history by having great comebacks and winning all the playoffs games in 2014 until they played the giants which they lost in 7