Would you recognize your real feelings even though if you think you are in love with someone? Well, some people make it. Sometimes people believe they are in love with someone but they do not notice that is not true. This is the case of the main character in the short story "The Bridal Party" written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. In which, Michael undergoes a hard process till he discovers he is not in love with Caroline anymore.
Firstly, Michael believes that Caroline has left him because he has no money. The fact is done when he thinks he has no money, and he cannot make money. An also he believes that Caroline has lost her faith and begin to see him as something pathetic, futile and shabby, as is written in the story. So the main character is convinced that his ex-girlfriend has abandoned him due to his lack of money.
Secondly, Michel tries to recover Caroline by all means since he believes she still loves him. After the notice that his grandfather is died, and a quarter of million dollars are the inheritance he has to take from his grandfather, he thinks he can regain Caroline's love. He becomes an obsessed person, trying to recover his girlfriend again. Also he argues with Caroline telling her that her new boyfriend does not love her. He attempt to convince Caroline he is the best man for her, but she tells him she is not in love for him. So Michael uses all of the possibilities to recover Caroline.
Finally, Michael realizes that Caroline is not in love with him anymore, consequently he can starts a new life without her. After Caroline's boyfriend receives a telegram in which he is noticed that all his fortune are gone, she decides to stay with Hamilton, and not with the newly rich Michael. So Michael recognizes that he is not in love with Caroline, and he can meet with other women and start a new life.
To sum up, the main character suffers a hard process up to he discovers he is not in love with Caroline. In first place he thinks she had abandon ed him because of his lack of money, in second place he becomes an obsessed person, trying to recover her love, and finally he realizes he i s not in love with her anymore. After that he can sta rts a new life with other woman, so he realized he could have a new start in life.