Faced with the same situation ion life, people act differently. This is showed in the short story "the bridal party" written by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. In which during a similar situation he main character of the short story had different ways to react. So Michael and Hamilton were quite different.
In first place, both Michael and Hamilton differ in their social position. While Michael was a poor man, who did not have a job, Hamilton was a rich man who worked in the stock market, the reason for his fortune, and who had an extraordinary ability for business. In addition both characters were so different in their economic situation.
In the second place they are unlike in their physical appearance. While Hamilton was a vitally active, confident, authoritative and self-confident. Michael was too short for a woman, he has no so active, neither sure of himself. A good form to demonstrate it was the way they were dressed. Michael wore shabby clothes meanwhile Hamilton wore elegant clothes. In contrast both were physically different.
In third place, the kind of relationship Michael and Hamilton had with Caroline had nothing in common. She was deeply in love with Hamilton and it was proved during the bridal party. Even though Michael was obsessed with her, she was not in love with him.as it was showed when he realized that Caroline did not want him, in spite of his recent inheritance. In that way Michael and Hamilton had a different kind of relationship with Caroline.
To conclude, the protagonists of the short story were distinctive in some situations. In the first place, they differed in their economic situation. In second place, they were dissimilar in their physical appearance and in third place they had each one a unique type of relationship with Caroline. So that proved them to be quite different.