The death penalty; first let me get my personal feeling out of the way. I believe in it. I believe in an eye for an eye. I have always believed that whatever you are guilty of then that is what should happen to you. You kill, and you in turn are killed. I know that my attitude may sound medieval to same and I honestly don’t know why these feelings are so strong on me but it is what I have always believed. Now you can give me the “2 wrongs don’t make a right” argument but you can stop sellin’ ‘cause I ain’t buying. Is it a deterrent? I don’t think so, because some people are just bad, just no good, bad and they have no conscience. I’m not going to throw out a whole lot of data or quote research, fact is that there are “bad” people. Simple, period, end of story and “consequences” have no effect on them. They have something in their DNA that makes them not give a rat’s ass about society’s laws.
I’ll list the “Cons”
1) Executions are carried out at staggering cost to taxpayers
2) There is no credible evidence that capital punishment deters crime.
3) Innocent people have been convicted and executed.
4) Race plays a role in determining who lives and who dies.
5) The death penalty is applied at random.
6) Capital punishment goes against almost every religion.
7) The USA is keeping company with notorious human rights abusers.
8) Millions currently spent on the death penalty could be used to assist the families of murder victims.
9) Bad Lawyers are a Persistent Problem in Capital Cases
10) Life Without Parole is a Sensible Alternative to the Death Penalty (uncredited, 2013)
I agree with NONE of these. I can intelligently argue every point on this list.
1) What is the cost to taxpayers for “Life Imprisonment”?
2) It’s not about being a deterrent, it’s about justice.
3) This is true for every aspect of our legal system.
4) Statistics have shown that the majority of crimes are committed by minorities.
5) No, you have to be convicted of murder not once but usually 3 times (on the same charge).
6) In recorded history, more murders have been committed in the name of “god” than for any other reason.
7) And the “human rights” of the victims and their families?
8) Again vs the cost of “life Imprisonment”?
9) A bad lawyer can hurt, but after the 2nd trial (and subsequent appeals) this is a moot point.
10) Please see #’s 1 & 8.
Now let’s take the Functionalist point of view