Target Ad: Long Live Happy
The very first ad I came across immediately caught my eye. It had four different products (which were all different brands): Zyrtec Allergy medicine, Neutrogena Sunblock, Centrum Multivitamins, and Penn Tennis Balls. Below is a short paragraph below that says;
?Long live the things that make our lives more full of life. And a place where you
can find them. We have aisles of choices to help your family feel good and be well.
From food that?s better for you to health and beauty aids to prescriptions to sporting
goods. Target is where a happy body leads to a happy spirit. Long live happy?

Right off the bat I remembered the first day of marketing class when I learned what a marketer was paid to do, and that is to make us (the consumer) feel like we are missing something in our lives. This ad is a perfect example trying to persuade us into thinking we can find happiness shopping at Target. Their target market is almost everybody and it also covers all aspects of the Hierarchy of Needs.
I am going to start at the top of the Hierarchy of Needs, which are personal needs. Personal needs are concerned with a person?s need for personal satisfaction. This ad addresses that Target fulfills ones personal needs with beauty aids, sporting goods, and ?things that make our lives more full of life?. The social needs in this ad are not as clear, but it could appeal to a person concerned with status. The ad shows name brand products that are not cheap, so someone who is concerned with their status might want to buy these name brand items. Now we move down to the safety needs. Safety needs is the need for protection and physical well-being (things like health, food, drugs, and exercise). This ad directly states these needs and also physiological needs saying they carry products from food, to health aids, and products ?to make your family feel good and be well?.
After reading this ad you know Target is concerned with our well-being and they are letting us know that they carry products that might make a person happy. They might be trying to change people attitude towards Target, letting us know they are better than their competitors (like Wal-Mart) by catching on to the trend of health products and trying to change their image to a family store where you can find almost anything. They also might be targeting a different group of people, maybe a younger female generation with the beauty products or older people with the prescriptions. What I get from this ad is I can go to Target to pick up my prescription, shop for food and cloths, pick up make-up (if I was a girl), and grab a football as a gift for young nephews birthday later that day all in one trip and leave a happy person.
The second part of the ad was on the page directly across and it is a picture of a father with his two kids and their dog. They are all smiling, well dressed, and it looks like they are having a good time. In large words across the page it says, ?long live jungle gyms?. To me it shows satisfied customers of Target. They all look healthy (even the dog) and the little boy is eating an apple that I?m guessing he got at Target and they are all wearing clothes that looks like Target products. I think the ?long live jungle gym? slogan is referring to the father as a jungle gym and the kids are playing on him as if he was one. Referring to the father as a jungle gym is showing he is very healthy and is staying that way because he shops at Target for his health products. Everyone in this picture is happy depicting the last part of the small paragraph ?long live happy?.