Sociological imagination is the vivid awareness of the relationship between experiences and the wider society. According to Reece McGee, sociology is the study of human groups and their influences on individuals. Sociologists study groups and they look at the world from their perspective of the group that they are studying. For example: being a member of a particular religious group influences how you worship, where you worship, when you worship and how you worship. If you are a member in a political party that influences how you vote. Most people from different ethnicities celebrate holidays in different ways. Reece McGee also states that sociology is the study of social order and social change. Social order is predictable and easier to study. Social order is the regularity of how things stay the same day after day. It is like a pattern of how things happen. Social change is how things change in our society, differences that occur from day to day. Social changes take a long time to occur. Another definition according to Reece McGee states that sociology is the search for social change. Sociologists are more like detectives, they answer question as to why things happen? How things happen? What happened and what makes things happen? Who was involved? Where did it happen? Sociology addresses a lot of challenging issues. It also provides many different perspectives of the world, it helps generate new ideas. It helps us know about society and its people, almost everything we do involves interaction with different groups of people.