Shawn Singh
Eng 102 #0339
Story Telling: A timeless art
Art can be both visual and literary.  The theory of art relates to the art of story-telling and since literature is written art, we can attest, written art uses a writing device to put words onto paper.  Most forms of literature are written, some of them are meant for performance as plays and some can be mixed with visual forms to become comic books or posters.  Literature can be defined as any piece of writing that has some artistic beauty.  When people write about the eternal conflict between good and evil, great romance, or the tragedy of loving or of warring, the subject matter itself may incline them to create written works of art that can move anyone deeply, even change a person's life.
In the short story, The Lady with the Dog Chekhov conveys his ideas on great romance and the tragedy therein.  One of Chekhov's better known works, no doubt due to its central theme of infidelity presented masterfully within a current of intrigue. Love for the first time becomes an emotional experience that is touching since love may still be discovered, even after marrying the wrong person.  Dmitri recognizes that he is living two lives: "one open, seen and known by all who cared to know" and another "running its course in secret."  Chekhov's love story is like a rose: both are pretty to see and sweet to smell, both having thorns.  
Chekhov creates interesting three dimensional characters with whom most readers can closely identify or appeal to readers' own personalities or the personalities of people near them.  Here he paints humans as being classically flawed because all of us experience the deep joys and beauties of life, and great sorrows and losses, too.  We want to or are led to think love conquers all, but in the developing plot of this great piece of suggestive work, we clearly see it is not all "happily ever after." Love is by far one life's most precious gifts and for that very same reason it should be guarded and cared for, something once found- fought for and perhaps then won. It is not something handed to you or simply a voyage to discover your sensuality and sexuality it is a most worthy responsibility.