Here in my post, I would like to give the ten (10) sobresaliente moments that Dr. Jose Rizal taught me, and probably taught you, and better yet, taught each and every Filipinos. These are only my thoughts and ideas so it is all up to you if you want to agree or not.
Dr. Rizal's famous quote about loving our own language |
1. BEING A POLYGLOT - As far as I know, Rizal has a mind of a genius in any aspect. And being a genius, could you imagine that he could speak 22 different foreign languages. He could speak of course in Filipino, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Sanskrit (a language in India), Portuguese, Japanese, Hebrew, Malayan, Catalan (a native dialect in Spain, somewhat a mixture of French and Spanish), Latin and so much more. He wrote an essay in French, poem in Spanish and in Tagalog, learnt and talked Japanese for a special someone and he even said his last words as what Jesus Christ said, which is in Latin - consummatum est - it is finished! Nevertheless, he gave us a powerful quote in which each and every Filipino should possess and love the national language: "Ang hindi marunong magmahal sa sariling wika, ay mahigit sa hayop at malansang isda." Now that's sobresaliente!
The Triumph of Science Over Death |
2. NOT JUST A DOCTOR - Dr. Jose Rizal, as his name suggests, was a licensed ophthalmologist. He held his clinic in Hong Kong, just a short lived. He even made an operation to his mother's failed eyes, in which according to history, went successful. But not only as an ophthalmologist, Dr. Jose Rizal was known for. He was also known to be a writer, we could never have the two greatest novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, which the students in high school are now studying. He was also a journalist, having a pseudonym of Laong Laan and Dimasalang in their newspaper La Solidaridad. Dr. Rizal was also a sculptor, renowned for his work The Triumph of Science over Death. And he was also a painter, educator, farmer, historian, and playwright. And aside from those jobs, he had expertise in architecture, cartography, economics, ethnology, anthropology, sociology, dramatics, martial arts, fencing and pistol shooting. He was not only a plain doctor, but a globally-competitive individual. That's sobresaliente!
Dr. Rizal and his first love, Leonor Rivera |
3. BEING A LOVER BOY IS NOT ABOUT THE LOOKS BUT THE WORDS - Physically speaking, Dr. Jose Rizal haven't had anything of a matinee idol, a dashing debonair or a "crush ng bayan." He has a height of a small boy (think of former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, hahaha!), a dark-to-fair skin complexion, a wavy hair, and a not so smiling face. But he has a mouth of flowery languages and phrases that some petite, gorgeous and beautiful women have fallen for him quickly and easily. From his whole span of love life, he had nine women whom they had affectionately or secretly affectionately in loved with the National Hero. His very first love, Leonor Rivera (who happens to be his first cousin), was his greatest and undisputed love. He was deeply in pain when he knew, while on his studies in Madrid, a news about the marriage of Leonor to an Englishman named Henry Kipping. Because of the saddened situation, he inspired Leonor Rivera as Maria Clara in his novel Noli Me Tangere. He was also engaged in a "mutual understanding" kind of relationship with Segunda Katigbak. I imagine whenever Dr. Rizal was being asked by his friend on how he and Segunda were doing. He might answer, "we're just friends!" He also got engaged with other beautiful women not only in our native land but in other countries: Leonor Valenzuela, a Filipina (I wonder if he was thinking of Leonor Rivera) Gertrude Beckett, a British; Nelly Boustead, also a British with an Iberian descent; Seiko Usui, a Japanese; Consuelo Ortiga y Rey, a Spanish; Suzanna Jacoby, a Belgian and his last love before his tragic death, Josephine Bracken, an Irish. As what his love life presents to us, it is really reachable and everybody can experience to love and to be loved, despite of your physical and emotional stability. I'm not saying that Dr. Rizal has no looks of a perfect Adonis, but come to think of it, why would you love a man who has the