Reflective Essay

As I am writing this paper, I still wonder about the skill and craft
of writing. No one has yet to perfect it. As a matter of fact, I believe
that no one will ever take writing to a science of perfect understanding.
It is because of this fact that I have fallen in love with the joy of
writing and all of its elements. I have been hypnotized by this technique
since my days of high school, and since then, I have made it my effort to
control my style and watch it evolve into the form and discourse that I now
use whenever I write. Through the aid of this portfolio, I have pieced
together some of my most influential works over my tenure as an
undergraduate English major. The purpose of this portfolio is to show how
my technique of writing has evolved into an ability to perform different
forms of writing in different class settings, thus showing my audience,
potential school systems or law firms, my flexibility of writing while
keeping a general style throughout the different types, focusing mainly on
the thematic works of certain classes.
The rigorous course work that I have participated in my two years at
Georgia State University, has prepared me far more than any English course
that I would have taken at Xavier University of Louisiana. The reason that
I say this is because I have been able to delve into different forms of
literature that have never been offered at Xavier. I wouldn't have dreamed
of taking a course solely based on the theories of rhetoric had I stayed
there. I'm glad that I was able to make the right decision to come here to
GSU to experience such intelligent and inventive classes. Doing so has
prepared me for my future career goals of either becoming a high school
teacher permanently, or teaching for two years to prepare myself to pursue
attending law school.
While taking the numerous courses that I have taken at Georgia State,
Introduction to Literary Theory, Theories of 20th Century Composition and
Rhetoric, African American Literature, and Electronic Writing and
Publishing to name a few, I have been given numerous writing assignments to
fulfill and display to those specific teachers. The choices that I have
made to place into this portfolio are just a taste of the huge buffet of
selections from that I chose. In no way am I displaying these works as my
"best works," but I have actually chosen these works from key classes
within my major and have arbitrarily decided upon these essays.
The material included within the portfolio is material that has been
required as coursework within the concentration. The material of the
portfolio is introduced as it follows:

Historical/Theoretical Work Section

. I decided for this section to be my focal point of the portfolio.
Within this section, I have encompassed the major works from my
English 3100 course entitled 20th Century Composition Theory and
. The first essay included in this section is on my philosophy on
teaching composition. Through the discourse of this essay, I have
written about how one should write and teach to write based on the
emotion that is brought through the writer. However, while writing
expressively, the writer should also take the audience to whom he or
she is writing into consideration. This philosophy was supported by
theory based on certain essayists of composition as Richard Fulkerson.

. The second essay of his section includes my history of composition.
Within this essay, I write about how my style and technique of writing
has changed over the course of my life. In addition, I have focused on
my weak points as a writer and my strong abilities. The essay also
tells of some of my achievements that I've accomplished because of my
ability to write influential compositions for which I have won awards
by such companies as Coca-Cola.
. My third essay is an argumentative essay that questioned how teachers
should teach composition. The essay argues that a teacher should teach
composition based on to whom a teacher is teaching instead of what a
teacher teaches to fulfill requirements by school system standards. To
attract students to the joys of composition, I suggest that teachers
do not follow the guidelines brought upon by higher powers. Like
previous essays, this is supported by known writers such as Peter