Rape Of Innocence

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Rape Of Innocence

Ben Schreibke

Casting your eyes up,

Towards the star pierced sky,

The sky stained crimson red,

A piercing gaze from the person opposite,

Stabbing into the back of your mind,

You feel tiny fingers clawing,

Digging, trying to search for a reason,

A reason why, why you did it,

Considered a sinner, you accept it,

Shrugging you continue, you laugh at them,

They?ll never understand why, why you did what you did,

If you knew yourself why you did it,

Your single eyed head still remains unopened,

Untended for countless days,

Years are like hours to you,

Pain no longer means anything to you,

You run the knife along her bare flesh,

Down between her legs you linger there,

With a single thrust you force the knife inside,

With slow movements you satisfy your needs,

And once you have finished with her,

You pull out and slit her throat,

She remains there so sweet and innocent,

Her life ebbing away,

You smile and take her again

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