Erjohn Gutierez MMW individual reflection

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         QUIZ #1

              This quiz made me realize how math is important in life     . As I study for this quiz, I see the relevance of Math as a languange and how it helps in understanding real-life situations and problems.      Since the start of this lesson, I started imagining that everything in this world has a concept of math in it.      From co     unting numbers, anticipating time     , solving problems and even seeing things with numbers      and measurement in it     .      It also opened me to      the view that patterns are everywhere and it is related to math in many ways.      I had a lot of fun about the discussion on this t     opics because our teacher      relate     d      math to the real world.           I really      learn a lot from the discussion that's why I got a perfect score. I also have an additional five points from the last activity that we have done but I was not able to use it since I already got 15/15.

         WRITTEN ACTIVITY      #1

              In this activity     , I learn how      to think analytically because every sentence given really needs a deep understanding in order to get the answer. I learn in this activity how mathematical sentence is different from      an english sentence.      Just like an english sentence, mathematical sent     ence also has noun, pronuoun and verb in it wherein it was ju     st in other      form or math symbols. For example the word "is" can be used in different expression such as to show equality, inequality and a set.           I also get to know universal statement, existensial statement      and conditional statements such as inverse, converse and contrapositive statement. It's also new in my vocabulary some mathematical symbols such as the symbol for universal, existensial, rational numbers and etc. In this assignment, I got 32/35      and I'm glad with it beacause I learn from my mistakes.
         QUIZ #     2

              This quiz was really challenging because it needs a great logical min     d to answer every question correctly     . This made my mind worked so hard to think what will be the solution to each problem      given. I actually applied what was thought      like the      Polya's      problem solving technique wherein the first step i     s to understand the problem, then design a plan, then carry out the plan      and lastly look back or see the results if it fits the problem. I actually did this method that's why I came up right answers     . On probl     em 5, I learned that the final answer must really be complete because it won't be considered in anyway     . Overall, I only got one mistake and that's problem 6 because I wasn't able to understand the problem thoroughly and my mind was really confused that time. I'm actually contented with my score because it was not a failing grade and I know I answered the test with the best of my ability.

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