Queen Victoria


On November 6, 1817 Princess Charlotte, the only heir to the crown of England died. She was the only child of the Prince Regent and was not a happy women. She was married off to prince of Orange at the age or 17, but broke off the marriage after falling in love with Prince Augustus of Prussia. He was already married but she was unaware and she continued seeing him. After a long time of Prince Leopold of Saxe-Cobury admiring her, Princess Charlotte gave him a chance and finally they were married in 1816. Later she got pregnant and for nine months of doctors told her that she was not in good health to have the baby on November 5, 1817 at nine o'clock in the evening after a 50 hour labor, Princess Charlotte delivered a dead baby boy. That night she was obviously dying. The Prince was in her room for hours and left for but a moment when a doctor came out and told him his wife was dead.

After many controversies between the royal family about who was to become the heir to the crown there was a female infant born in Kensington Palace in London on May 24, 1819.

Born Alexandrina Victoria to Victoria Mary Louisa, daughter of the Duke of Saxe-Cobury-Saalfeld, and Edward Augustus, duke of Kent and Strathern, the fourth son of George III and youngest brother of George IV and William IV, both kings of Great Britain.

In January of 1920 the Duke a Kent remembered a prophecy that a fortune teller told him. The fortune teller said two members of the royal family would die. The Duke of Kent never would have thought one of the two members would be him and the other would be his father George III. The Duke of Kent caught a cold and inflammation of lungs occurred and he died on January 22 and then six days later his father's long, unhappy life was ended. Victoria called Drina by her family was raised in Kensington Palace and was very spoiled she was idolized by her mother's ladies and despite her mother's strictness about her being spoiled, she had everything she cloud have wanted. At the age of five, Fraulein Lehzen came who was the previous governess of Princess Feodoram she helped Drina learn her letters and she acted like an angel unlike before the arrival of Fraulein Lehzen when she was naughty and violent.

In 1830 Victoria was told that she was to become heir to the British crown upon the accession of William IV. This was to occur because William IV had no legitimate children therefore his niece was to become queen. In 1833 a few days before Victoria's eighteenth birthday and the date of her legal majority the king fell very ill. He recovered and the Princess had her birthday festivities which was a stale ball and a drawing room suddenly. Shortly later the King collapsed due to extreme weakness and everyone knew his death was close at hand. On, June 18, the King fell very ill and two days later early in the morning on June 20, 1837 the King saw his final sunset and Princess Victoria had become Queen Victoria.

The Queen was very unknown to her subjects. At her public addresses her mother usually spoke. Once the public started to know her they realized that she was the contrast of her selfish and ridiculous uncles. Within a month of her rule she moved the royal household from Kensington to Buckingham Palace. She moved her mother into an entirely different section of the palace than hers. Then she had a bedroom for Baroness Lehzen placed right next to hers. Lord Melbourne was Prime Minister of England for three years. He taught Queen Victoria much about the government because she was led a sheltered life and knew nothing about the government and its working. He taught her about the government, told her how to relate to the people, and advised her on Acts and Bills to be passed. She gained a clear grasp of constitutional principles and the scope of her own prerogative. After six months of her depending completely on him their was an election for the nest Prime Minister. Sir Robert Peel had beaten Lord Melbourne and he would have to leave the Queen. She was very emotionally upset but had to now depend on Peel. She disliked him and wrote