Physical Punishment

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Physical Punishment

Saul Gallegos , Luis Magana

Physical punishment has been a problem in hitting their children so they can have discipline or not hitting them because it is not right, so what can parents do and what can they not do? Should the parents hit them to learn discipline, or should they not hit them and figure out another way to make them learn what discipline is?

Because many parents do not know or are confused in showing their children how to gain discipline they do not know whether to hit them or not to hit them. Many people think that by hitting their children that they are showing them violence but other people say that if you do the children would understand that they did something wrong and would not repeat it and gain discipline. What can parents do?

First of all parents feel that the children are theirs, and they can spank them when they misbehave. There are many factors that lead to physical punishment: parents were to young and not ready for children, parents are going trough a divorce and need to take out their anger on something or someone, or parents do not know another way to punish their children. These children grow up to be aggressive and often abusive towards others. Although parents think this is the only way of educating their children there are many other alternatives.

There are other alternatives to punishing the children for their bad behavior. Less severe punishments besides spanking. First, they can take away their television privileges, computer use, and playing outside with their friends. Next, they could ground them for the weekend and cancel plans. Last of all parents could take the time to sit and talk to their children about their bad behavior.

Physical punishment may cause a child psychological problems. First, if the physical punishment starts at an early age the child will be used to being physically punished, therefore, his or hers self-esteem may severely negative as he or she grows up. Second, it is a life-affecting act to physically punish a child because they will be traumatized. Eventually parents should think twice before they can physically punish their children. What they should think of is what problems they are causing the child in its life.

In conclusion every parent must take consideration that the negative affects that spanking may cause a child. Spanking your children may make massive changes in your child?s personality. He or she may grow up to believe that violence is acceptable in everyday life. And thus this will be a never-ending cycle because they will think it is okay because their parents did it. If a child grows up to believe this negative behavior, they will do the same thing with their children. Overall we know that physical punishment is not the answer to gain discipline for your children. Children are very smart and can be taught proper behavior in a more positive manner.

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