Of Mice and Men


George didn?t run away with Lennie because he loved him too much. After all the years with Lennie, George had built a bond of love and care with Lennie.

George was sick and tired of running away so many times, George wants to end all of the trouble. Since Lennie will never learn, their is no reason to try to hold a job again. Lennie causes trouble to follow them to each and every job that they try to keep. Lennie and George has had previous problems, like being run out of town to avoid the police, all because of Lennie. Lennie doesn?t understand, he does what pleases and he might end up starting the trouble all over again. George wants to stay and make money so that he can have a house where Lennie can?t cause any more commotion.

Even if they did try to run away, Curley might find Lennie and George and kill them. Curley was furious and had a vengeance for Lennie. Anybody would search endlessly for the one that killed a loved one. If Curley has the police search, and he puts up wanted signs with rewards, they would surely be hound or killed.

If they do get away, Lennie might end up accidentally start all the trouble again. Lennie has a mental problem that limits his memory. Just about the only thing he can remember are the rabbits. If he forgets about what George has warned him about touching things, Lennie could endanger other peoples lives. After Curley gets around the word could spread about Lennie and George and nobody would want to hire them. Farmhands after farmhands would not take Lennie and George because of their reputation. George might have to get rid of Lennie because he is preventing them from getting a job.

When George pulled that trigger for Lennie, he did that out of love and care for Lennie. To prevent him from getting hurt or getting them both hurt. But although killing him was wrong, George made the right decision and he knew the better for everybody to end it all for Lennie