I am seventeen years old and a freshman in college. I graduated from Sodus Central School this year. I attended Sodus Central School for about six years after moving from Lyons halfway through sixth grade. I recently moved to Chili at the start of summer then I moved to Greece with my boyfriend. We got our own apartment, which is very exciting, but the transition from living with my mother was very hard, surprisingly. I always believed I wanted nothing more than leave my ?hometown? of Sodus, but I was wrong. I never would have thought so though. I say ?hometown,? because as a child I was always moving all over the place. I never really settled down in one place until I moved to Sodus. I have two sisters and one brother. They are nineteen, fourteen, and ten. My older sister also attends MCC, and is a sophomore. My younger sister is now a freshman in High School, and my little brother is in sixth grade. Throughout the last couple of years I haven?t really gotten along with my older sister for reasons unknown to me. Other than that I have a very good relationship with my little sister and little brother. Most of my life I grew up without my father. I think, maybe four years of my life my father was around. He is currently in prison, as was my step father, but he got out a week ago. Living without a father figure was sort of difficult but my siblings and I managed. My little brother has a different father and his father was also in prison for quite some time, so really it?s like we?re not meant to have a father figure in our lives considering our fathers and step father were in prison for a majority of our lives. My siblings and I to learned to take care of ourselves at an early age while our mother was working eighty hours a week to support us. I have to say that my mother is one of the most inspirational people I have ever known. She grew up faster than most teenagers had to due to becoming pregnant with my older sister at fifteen. Even though she started motherhood early and did not graduate from high school she still got her G.E.D and completed college, the fact that she could do so while raising four children on her own is what I admire most about her.
For a long time I was so bitter with my father for choosing drugs over my sisters and me. Now that I think about it, people make mistakes and it?s a part of life. You?re supposed to learn and grown from them. I did visit my father about a year ago, and I can see the effect his mistakes have had on him. He lives with so much regret and it has made me realize it?s time to forgive and forget.
But that?s enough about me. I joined this course for a few reasons. One being I have always been interested in Sociology. I also figured it would be a good course to take because I think I may want to do something in this area when I graduate from college. I am still quite unsure about what I want to do with my life. I figure that?s normal and okay at this point. I always wondered what Sociology was all about too, I knew that it is the study of society, but I also know it extends much further than I know. Sociology and Psychology have always been somewhat of an interest to me. I am hoping to enjoy this course and to gain a lot more knowledge about sociology. I feel as if this course is a course that everyone should take. It may give people a whole new perspective on things they never would have looked further into. I?ve only just begun this course and I?ve looked deeper into things in a way I never would have thought about in the past.