Nato Hits Chinese Embassy

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Nato Hits Chinese Embassy

Doug Lee

Three ultra-accurate laser-guided NATO missiles penetrated the walls of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia from different angles, exploded in the core of the building and decimated it to wreckage. Three people were reported killed, and 21 injured, while one is missing. The Chinese government and people are terribly outraged at NATO's method of expressing its displeasures, calling it a "barbarian act" and that "'the U.S.-led NATO should bear all responsibilities.'"

NATO explained that they feel regretful of the mishap, saying the bombing was an unintentional accident. However, non-NATO countries analyze it differently, interpreting the bombing as an evil design of the NATO alliance, purposely assaulting the Chinese who objected to NATO's unhumanitarian bombing campaign all along and "has represented for Yugoslav interest in the United States since Belgrade broke diplomatic relations with Washington." China and Russia wishes NATO to stop its ruthless missile strikes immediately and discuss it the civilized way, through diplomatic means. NATO refuses to halt its attacks until the Serbs agree to a total withdrawal of Serbian troops from Kosovo.

Innocent casualty is becoming an intensifying topic of resentment toward NATO's unhumanitarian conduct. A power plant in Belgrade was set ablaze by missiles the second time causing power outage to millions of civilians. The city's airport along with a market and hospital complex in a residential district was bombed leaving corpses of innocents lying on the streets. UN chief Kofi Anan expresses shock and distress at NATO's escalating civilian brutality.

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