Name aj wanned

Topic: zoo
Position: con

Opening/Closing Speech

Annotated Bibliography

Facts/Expert Opinions
when animals are not in captivity they will live longer and have better lives.
Studies have shown that animals in captivity will have more stress and get bored more easy than in there natural habitat.
Removing them from the wild will endanger them more in the wild but in the zoo they will have them for a while and they will keep breeding mor of them and not bring them to the wild.
There are studies that show that animals will go crazy and may escape and put people in danger of getting hurt.

Should they have done different instead of shooting the gorilla?
Is there any research that shows it is better for animals to be in captivity?
What is there life span in captivity like then in the wild?
What is there quality of life like in captivity vs the natural place they live in?