Good day to all, Iím here in front of you to tell who I am and what is all about myself. Before that I will tell my name. Iím Reymond G. Aljas from Bachelor of Science Information Technology. I was born January 28, 1998 in Naawan, Misamis Oriental and permanently lived since my birth. I am 17 years of age. I have a family, a happy family. We are 6 members in our family. I was the youngest brother and I had 3 older brothers. My parents are working hard to satisfy our basic needs in every day. We all brothers are in the College of Science and Environment. Two BS-IT and also two Computer Technology. About myself, Iím a good student and. I can do a lot of work. I have a little bit sense of humor but I canít do jokes with not my friends. Iím a friendly person because I have a lot of friends. They call me asĒyotsĒ. Some think that Iím a dumber but Iím just a good person with dreams in life.
About my childhood experience, I have a lot of experiences in my childhood. Its starts when Iím at Kindergarten school. I remember that I am always late in class. In Elementary, I have made dumb things when I accidentally hits the heads of my teacher with a piece of hard mud and it was like headshot. The teacher scolded me and then I cried. I also experience being bullied by my classmates. It come that I always got a zero grade in Spelling even it is right in spelling.
In my High School days my life changes. Iíve focused on studying and turns me to a responsible person. The high school days is the most enjoy part of being a student. In high school, I experience overnighting because of many projects to make. I remember the time that I have a fail grade and Iíve done so much regrets. But experience will made you a better, isnít it? It is good that we must learn for our mistakes so that we know how to solve it. When I graduated in high school, I felt great and happy. For all hard works and perseverance to study and it repays our Diploma.
This experience when I was just 7 years old. I experienced my most embarrassing moment of my life when I was being drawn in the pool, but someone saved my life. I am thankful.
I have many hobbies. My hobbies are playing basketball, computer games, listen to music, and watching movies. Among all of my hobbies, I mostly interested in playing computer games. Some said playing computer games can make you a computer addict. As what I have learned, playing computer games are good in our health especially in our logic and also the animations but when your time management of studying will be replace playing computer games or abuse that will result to addicting. When I play computer games I feel relax and enjoy.When I was just in elementary I always play basketball. I used to play with my friend. When every shot I maid Iím very proud of myself. Sometimes, after my class in the afternoon I rush and go to basketball court to play. My favorite movies are anime and action. Also my favorite color is blue means cool.
My dreams are to have a happy family in the future. My dream of being a professional basketball player just like in the NBA. I want play with the best players in the world where in the crowd. I also dream to have a car for me to use in going to school every day, and so that I can ride as far as I want. I also want to be a computer programmer and being a hacker also. To be a computer programmer is my top dream. For me, I want to make a program that will change our lives and helps to improve more out community. I have a lot of dreams but I only specify my best dreams.
About goals in life. In my entire life, starts with in elementary to be graduated my top priority goals in life. Being graduated in high school feels great because Iíve