Would you consider that finishing the university is the best way to be recognized by society? Some people think that if you go to college and graduate you have a good reputation. Therefore, they judge those who are unable to attend to varsity or to end it. Furthermore, if you are a professional you can be included in the community because of your good prestige. This is the case of the main character Mark Johnson and his brother Matt in the short story entitled "My brother went to college" by Frank Yerby. In this story, there are many meaningful differences between the siblings.
One of the important dissimilarities the brothers have is their education. To begin with, Matt has a profession which gives him a favourable status within population. As a matter of fact, he has completed his studies and has become a well- known doctor in Westmoreland Drive. On the contrary, Mark is now an unimportant person and an unproductive man due to his lack of education. Indeed, when he is ten he decides to wander around the world instead of going to school. Hence, these two men are different because of their formal learning.
Another prominent distinction among both of them is their personality. On the one hand, Mark has high self-esteem and this feeling makes him feel a free man because he can move from place to place. Also, he is unworried about what people say about him. On the other hand, Matt has low self-esteem for being a black man, so he senses the discrimination of white community and he cares about what society think about him. Thus, taking into account Mark and Matt's temperaments they can be considered distinct.
The most significant contrast these boys show are their achievements in life. As regards Mark Johnson, the young man searches for freedom and he gets it but he has reached this by sacrificing his life to obtain it. Regarding Matt, he has set up and formed his own family. In addition, he has a beautiful wife and has gained a qualification which turns him into a doctor and a rich man. Hence, the successes that they have had in all their life are completely different.
To summarize, in the whole story there are three substantial dissimilitudes which distinguish each brother. Specially, Mark and Matt's formal instruction is one of the big gaps that exist to contrast them. Besides, these young men's nature is the other considerable discrepancy that shows that they are not the same. Finally, these two boys' triumphs in life are very prominent to differentiate Mark and his youngest brother.