Impact of Recreational Sex on Sexual Satisfaction and Leisure Satisfaction

The article I chose to read was titled ?Impact of Recreational Sex on Sexual Satisfaction and Leisure Satisfaction? from the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, Volume 13, March 13, 2010. The article illustrates the results from a case study performed at a university in the South East United States. The author of the article is interested in the different roles sex plays in our daily lives. Some people have sex for reproduction, pleasure, to strengthen bonds in a relationship, or social leisure. What the author found from the case study performed is that while pre-marital sex is a lot less taboo than in years past and most college aged adults participate in sex before marriage, there are benefits as well as consequences to participating in this behavior. There is obviously the risk of sexually transmitted infections as well as pregnancy but the results also show that when a person engages in recreational sex they become more confident as a lover and therefore receive much more pleasure from the activity as opposed to those who do not engage in recreational sex.
I agree with what this author writes in this article because I consider it common knowledge that the more you do something not only are you more comfortable with it but you are better at it. I like to believe that I am a much better lover now at age 30 with experience under my belt than I was at age 15 and just starting down the road of sexual relationships.