Maya FrostBrophy
Professor Bouma-Prediger
Religion 100-04
September 20, 2016

Journal #2: Stuff "T-Shirt"

I believe the authors' main point was to go more in depth about what an American consumes daily, and how we don't even realize everything inside the objects/items we use every day. One of the most intriguing chapters for me was the T-Shirt chapter. I wear them almost every day, but I have never thought much as to how they are made or what materials are used in them. I had no clue that polyester was made with petroleum. It was also shocking to learn that: "From the oil field to the garment factory gate, making my shirts polyester released one-fourth the polyesters weight in air pollution." (Ryan &Durning, p.21). When I think of t-shirts, I don't think of air pollution or oil or anything like that. It was also interesting to learn that workers had to use industrial chemicals to finish the fabri cs. That seems harsh and not good to be against our skins every day. This chapter definitely opened my eyes to how I need to pay more attention to the everyday things.