Maya FrostBrophy
Professor Bouma-Prediger
Religion 100-04
October 10, 2016

Journal #4: Psalms 104 & 148

I think the main point of the two Psalms is to Praise God for all he has done. I feel like Psalm 104 describes all God has done for the earth and all of its creatures, humans and animals. I really like how descriptive each line is, my favorite lines are lines two and three. The way those lines are described give a nice mental picture. The last part of line 30 confuses me however, I don't really understand what "and you renew the face of the ground" means. Psalm 148 is more about how you should praise God. It talks about how everything should praise God, from the weather to sea creatures. I think it is interesting that fruit frees, lightning, ocean depths, and sea creatures. Usually, you only hear people being told to praise God. However, this Psalm included plants, animals, and non-human objects like the weather and geography, suggesting the importance of all the things God made, not just the creatures.