Maya FrostBrophy
Professor Bouma-Prediger
Religion 100-04
September 19 , 2016

Journal #3 : Chapter 2 "For the Beauty"

I believe the author's main point was to go over the different ways the earth is being degraded, and help the readers see how the earth is not where it should be from an ecological standpoint. It was interesting to learn about the different types of ecological degradation, but it was also sad to see how many different types there were. Also, I thought it was very interesting to learn more about the different types of ecological degradation I hadn't thought about before. However, r eading through this chapter was definitely a little depressing. I know the point was not to make the reader feel bad, rather to inform us, but it just felt like I was responsible for everything going wrong with the world. Learning that: "A newborn in the Unites States requires twice as much grains and 10 times as much oil, as a child born in Brazil or Indonesia-and produces far more pollution." (Bouma-Prediger, p.26) was a little disheartening, but there's also nothing I can do to change where I was born, so I realized it's not really my fault. I think the chapter was helpful in helping me gain a better perspective of the different types of degradation and how we have caused the earth to get to the state it's in.