Maya FrostBrophy
Religion 100-04
Professor Bouma-Prediger
October 4, 2016

What does God's good future look like?

In my opinion, God's good future is residing with the people. He wants a world filled with happiness. It seems like he wants to be involved with people's everyday life and make sure everyone knows his presence. The way God described his plan from line five to line nine in Revelation 21 reminded me of the story of Noah 's Ark . He is making everything brand new, he is helping those in need and those who have believed. However, those who did not believe, the liars, the murders, and the vile are all condemned to a fiery lake . There is the chance of a second birth or a second death depending on your past actions and whether you have done anything to repent from them or not. I also think the rebirth, or revival off the beauty of the city of Jerusalem is part of God' s good future. All the foundations decorated with different types of precious stones , the great street made of gold, and gates are made of pea rls. It is the Holy City and now it is looking pristine, and God and his loyal childre n will all live there together. The angel also shows how crops can grow and there are trees growing fruit to be eaten. To me, the main point about God's good future is the world where everyone respects each other, the land they inhabit and use, and the glory of God.