Maya FrostBrophy
Professor Bouma-Prediger
Religion 100-04
September 20, 2016

Journal #1: A Sandy County Almanac

I think the author's main point was nature and animals know what's best for the earth and we humans are still learning slowly how to take care of it and still learning what effect our actions have on the earth. While reading this piece, I called my mom to complain about how confusing the wording was and how I didn't want to read. Her response shocked me, she told me that when I was younger she read this book to my older sister and I all the time, and it was my favorite. She let me read it to her and helped me understand the writing, read small chunks of the piece then imagine it. Once I did this, it became easier to understand the piece. The part that stood out to me the most is the story of the wolf dying. When he mentions how he had believed that fewer wolf meant more deer, which would lead to a hunter's paradise but was incorrect. This reminds me of people's opinions of bugs or "gross animals", while they may not want them, they're still a necessity or else our ecosystem would suffer greatly. While being a little confusing at first, I feel this reading had many important points that were described exceptionally well.