Lonnell Higgins Jr
Professor Shock / 10:00 am
Critical Reading and Writing I
27 August 2016
Shocking Reveal
The date is July 16th, 2009
Hopkinsville Police Department: Is this Lonnell Higgins?
Dad: Yes, Who's asking?
Hopkinsville Police Department: This is the Hopkinsville Police Department, we need to speak with you in person as soon as possible, are you home?
Dad: No, we're coming back from my son's baseball tournament in Owensboro, we'll be home in about an hour.
Hopkinsville Police Department: Okay, call this number back when you get home.
He immediately started to investigate me and my brother on why the police is calling his phone not knowing that it was much worse then a 11 and 15 year old's actions.
As soon as we got home, my dad called the number back and told me and my brother to go outside and play with our friends until they leave. Well it wasn't long before they came and left; circa 30 minutes, and we went into the house to something that I would have never thought would happen in a million years. My dad's eyes red and heavy and my mothers eyes twice as red as his and both shedding tears. All he simply said was "Come here....Nana's gone, she got shot". I did not know what to think for about two days, I changed completely to a kid that I did not know because I was lost in this thing called life. I was broken and separated myself from everybody. I spent every weekend with her during school and just about everyday during the summer with her, she went to every baseball game I had while till managing to have two jobs at one point. Like what am I going to do now, I was thinking like "What's life needed for now?". My 11 year old brain was thinking the exasperating. I can still remember riding past a mansion and her saying "When you make it to the MLB, I want you to buy me that house and a Chrysler 300"(her favorite car) and I would always say "Yes Ma'am".
The next day, I had practice and I went there but with a totally different aspiration then just to hit a homerun during BP, I had a different outlook on life. The next weekend, I had another tournament, and My first at bat, I had hit my furthest homerun up to that point and gave all glory to my nana. At that moment it gave me a wow moment! I started to find something I loved to do and strive in positively instead of sulking in the negative. My adult peers called in "positive reinforcement" and that I would strive best when I focus and stay forward. I can promise if I did not realize that and have those peers, I would defiantly be in a penitentiary before I was 18 because I was not thinking straight nor acting like the respectful, Honor Roll, nice kid I was raised up to be. It took until my Junior year to process it and get back on track but I am glad I did before I took a hard left down the wrong road.
For any person that has had anything happen to where it broke them, then this is for you to let you know that it takes work but it will be over quicker then it started. Focus on something that you love and strive in it, for me I strived in baseball for the sake other because she wanted me to do so.

I wrote this paper because it is something very real that happened to me and something that countless others can relate too. Also, Any person who is broken in anyway can read this and have a sense of hope therefore press through the hard and focus on the good.