Linda Pineda
Arts 2379
16 September 2016
Live music Response Paper

Vanessa Mae- at the Birmingham Symphony Hall 1997-Classical Violinist

I do not know much about music other than the fact that I like to listen along to it on the radio. One aspect that is interesting is that both of my sisters are musicians, one is a violinist and the other one plays the saxophone so therefore i have been to many of their concerts in order to support them. As I was watching this video I was able to compare and contrast many different things. Such as the fact that the professional musicians feel the music and the violin itself tells its own story, but when combined with the piano it's as though they are accomplices in a crime.
I believe what really surprised me the most was how well the musicians are able to keep their composure for such an extended amount of time and the memorization they have that continues to keep the song going. I would have to admit that my favorite part of the entire performance is the violin solo and she just moves so quickly and precise with the beat of the music.My initial thoughts prior to actually sitting down and listening to the performance was that it was going to be boring, but as I actually listened and continued to participate in the performance the more interesting and dramatic it became. It's like I was in a movie without any animation as if it made its own story with ups and downs and drama .