Profiling is a technique used by law enforcement officers and criminal psychologists to learn more about a crime and victims of the crime. By studying the behavior, location and the methods used to commit the crime, authorities are able to conduct their investigations efficiently and effectively. Racial profiling on the other hand is considered irrational; yet it is widely practiced. A racial profiling essay can be written focusing on the history, irrationality and the biased nature of man when it comes to race and skin color.Racial discrimination has been in practice for a very long time. The issue shot into prominence with Hitler and the Jews; the African Americans and the Ku Klux Klan. Today it centers on the Arabs and how they are looked upon as terrorists. As the world is becoming one and countries are becoming multi racial, man?s territorial nature is increasing prejudices against other ethnic groups occupying their space.

2/-????????? Irrational, unjust and unproductive behavior
Your essay could be based on human behavior. Use the concept of racial profiling to explain man?s irrational and unjust behavior towards his neighbors who belong to different ethnic groups or have a different skin color.

Think of these while writing an essay on profiling
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1/-????????? A five paragraph essay format would be an ideal method to use for writing a racial profiling essay.

2/-????????? You will need an introductory paragraph. The purpose of this paragraph is not only to introduce the topic but also to capture the reader?s attention. It should be interesting enough to make the reader want to read further.

3/-????????? Next comes the body paragraph. Ideally it should consist of 3-4 paragraphs. You will introduce your arguments, either supporting or disagreeing on racial profiling. These arguments should be supported with facts and evidences. You could write on the pros and cons of racial profiling or how law enforcement officers misuse profiling techniques.

4/-????????? Finally the concluding paragraph summarizes your opinions based on the facts that you have furnished in your essay.

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