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What performance problems is the captain trying to correct?
The performance problems the captain is trying to correct are the behavior of p olice men making poor, inadequate or incorrect , and incompetent reports, even if they do good works outside in helping society. Their insufficient reports cause them to lose cases in courts. And policemen find it unchallenging and boring, and they are not interested in doing such paperworks .

Use the MARS model of individual behavior and performance to diagnose possible causes of unacceptable behavior.
Motivation- The main motivation of the policemen is to work with the public, catch criminals and help those people in need for a better society. Also because they believe that "they were trained to do the job they do out in the streets, not to fill out forms" policemen should also be trained to do paperworks because it includes their profession. Second because there is no financial rewards for doing clear and detailed paperworks . Third is that promotion is based on how long they stay there and not on their good performance.
Ability - Policemen make inadequate and poor reports because they are not trained to do paperworks . They also need to be trained in this area because this is their weakness that causes bad to their performance. However, the captain says that some knows how to do some paperworks and do it well, it is still not enough all the policemen should still have knowledge for doing such paperworks .
Role Perception - Role perception refers to how clearly people understand the job duti es (roles) assigned to them or expected of them. But the policemen only know that their job is to go outside and catch criminals to keep people safe and did not know that their job includes paperwork when a case come up. Policemen need to understand the priority of their various tasks and performance expectations. And to understand the preferred behaviors. Because is no evidence that rookies have clear role perceptions about this task when they first enter the department .
Situational Factors- Maybe the situational factors why they can't make a proper paperwork is maybe they lack knowledge in making one and maybe they're t oo lazy to make one because they expect to go outside or do something rather than doing paperwork, and maybe they're too tired to make one, because they might be exhausted of helping other people outside or catching criminals.

Has the captain considered all possible solutions to the problem? If not, what else might be done?
Captain has made certain amount of solution in motivat ing them but it's not enough and realistic. They need to recognize and support the police officers so that it will boost their motivation in making a good and proper paperwork, and maybe they could buy a new set of technologies such as computers, printers or other materials in making a paperwork so that they will not complain because of their lack of equipment in their department, and last they should make a training on how to make a paperwork with their captain so that they are all in tack and at the same time they are all learning, so that the chance of losing in the court will be lessen.