Just Don't Do It
Most steroid use is used in baseball, which I would never think do it because it would be a stupid idea since there are some many risk with taking PEDs, but the younger guys do it so they can get a edge on other people. Steroid use is a problem because most athletes use steroids at least once in their life, and raising awareness of this issue will help because young athletes will know it won't help them in the long run or in long term when they might use it.
Now when I young I used to be a dominant pitcher and I pitched for almost every game and they would always save me for the tournament games and use me not that much for the pool play. Then in the 5th grade my shoulder would always hurt when I throw a baseball so I started taking pain killers so it my shoulder wouldn't bother me anymore and it worked for a while until I got used to it so I stopped taking them in before I started baseball in 2014. The main reason why I stopped taking them my shoulder started to get better. I thought it was getting better, but then I tore my labrum and I was out for about 3 to 4 months with surgery and therapy to get it better and when I got back I couldn't throw very far because I wasn't use to throwing since I was out for about 4 months after the surgery. I would have never thought to use PEDs because of all the side effects I knew about even though I would've came back faster and stronger than I was.
The problem that needs to be addressed is steroid use for athletes. One thing that shows it's a problem is in such an environment the use of performance enhancing drugs has become increasingly common. This shows that steroid use is a problem by telling us that some people are way too competitive that they have to cheat to win. Jon Wertheim further explains the problem while "28.2 percent of the players on MLB opening day rosters were born outside of the 50 United States, foreign-born players account for 68.2 percent of the PED suspensions since 2004" (Wertheim). This shows that steroid use is a problem by showing that most athletes that use steroids were born in a foreign country. Finally, Jon Wertheim further explains the problem that in "2008, only two Major League players were suspended for PEDS, while 42 players from the 37-team Dominican summer league, a branch operation of MLB, test positive for PEDs" (Wertheim). This shows that steroid use is a problem by showing us that most people who test positive in baseball are mostly in the leagues outside of the US.
Steroid use is a problem because most steroid use are used by athletes. One thing that shows it's a problem is given that amateur Latin players are signed through free agency they often start their pro careers at an earlier age and more prone to make immature decisions. This shows why foreign players steroid use is a problem because foreign born players can start earlier age and use steroids to get an edge on the older guys. The articles further explains the problem that with baseball 162 game season some people might do steroids to get through the season. This shows why steroid use is a problem because baseball game length season is too long and you play almost everyday. Finally, the article tells us under baseball's testing program, the economic incentives are high for most players. This shows why it's a problem because it means that people in the minors get paid way less than mlb and people in the minors do more steroids than in the majors, so they can perform better so they get paid more once they are in the MLB.
If they ban steroids they should ban all PEDs they can still take creatine, which is a amino acid that builds lean muscle in the your body. Then why should they ban "human growth hormone which helps in treating injuries for players and is available