Julinka Pereira
What does knowing that you are created in the image and likeness of God mean to you and how you view yourself and your relationships?
It makes me feel that I'm special and I know even though if I ever feel I am not perfect that he created me and to him I am unique, no one else is like me. My relationship with god is like a friend or a sibling because I trust him more than anyone else and he is the only one who helps me when I am in trouble and gives me support and the strength to go on and live a happy and peaceful life.

How might God's gift of creation be revealed to you in any of the following: a vacation; a visit with a newborn sibling or cousin; a close friend; a family gathering/ celebration?
God's gift of creation was revealed to me in many ways. I have an older and a younger sibling, my younger sibling was so sweet, gentle and cute. My family usually goes for a picnic to the beach, all the oceans or seas are created so beautifully and it is so unique that it takes up 70% of the earth. Lastly I travel to different places around the world, looking at everything God created and it is good and he was wise to create the seas, oceans, trees, birds, day, night, sky, land, sun, moon, stars, animals and most of all he created all of us.