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JHANIEL A. GALVE                                                                                               CIV 192
Individual Reflection Paper
Quiz no. 2
Quiz no. 22066925330200
Assignment no. 1
Assignment no. 195250330200
Quiz no. 1
Quiz no. 1

    Quizzes, seat works, assignments, activities, and etc. are part of every student's life. These tasks are required for the betterment of the quality of education every student must attain. It is part of the processes of facilitating learning or the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Also, these are tests of knowledge and serves as the basis of how much information did the students retain.
    During our first quiz, which is about nature of mathematics, patterns, and Fibonacci sequence, I was devastated because of the fact that I was not careful in answering the given questions. As you can see, my answer in numbers 10 and 11 is wrong. I wrote patterns instead of petals and flower instead of sunflower. To be honest I thought that I wrote the exact answer in my head, but I was too careless. I did not even manage to check my answers. Also in number 3, my answer is incorrect due to the fact that it is the one that is written in my notes and again I did not even manage to check them. I blame myself for this drastic mess, but later on I realized that maybe it is for my own good. I guess the more mistakes I have the more learnings and lessons I will gain.
    Moving on to the next task that we had which is our first assignment entitled Mathematics as a language. I scored 33 out 35 which for me is somehow good. Honestly the first 10 question is not really familiar to me. I literally don't have any knowledge about translating sentences into mathematical symbols. We did not tackle this lesson in mathematics in the modern world subject which makes me more stressed out, but I took it as a challenge and as an opportunity to learn things on my own research. Aside from the mathematical symbols, the rest is a piece of cake thanks to the help of Prof. Mark June M. Vintuan who elaborated it effectively.
    Lastly, we had our quiz about Inductive and Deductive reasoning which involves problem solving through identifying patterns using different strategies. In this quiz I am genuinely happy and satisfied with the result. I got a perfect score which for me is a great exchange for all the efforts and hardships that I exerted in studying this specific topic. I am also happy maybe because I liked the topic more than the previous one because it only involves logic and reasoning using different strategies specifically tailored for the topic.  For me these problems really signify the importance of Mathematics in the modern world which applying problems in the real world situation.
    In Mathematics in the Modern world, I assumed that the quizzes, seat works, activities, and etc. are just like the other subjects I had, but I was wrong. It is more inclined in testing our cognitive skills, specifically logic and reasoning, rather than testing our memory and knowledge. Through Mathematics in the Modern world, I realized how important it is to think logically and figure out problems with your own preferred rules and processes.  Over all, I am genuinely pleasured to have this subject and I am looking forward to learn more and explore more ideas.  

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