Jews In Nuremberg

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Jews in Nuremberg

Simon Kinsky

Since my birth in 1982 in Nuremberg I was always faced with its significant history concerning the destiny of the Jews. As the capital of Franconia is also the midpoint of Germany, Hitler exploited its perfect situation to announce and propose new laws in order to abandon the 'Jewish Disgrace' from the elated German Nation.

In the notorius 'Kristallnacht' thousands of innocent Jewish men, women and children were forced to leave their homes and they had to enter trains which moved to outrageous destinations such as Auschwitz, Colditz and Dachau.Jews who did not fit into trains were killed in front of their own families.

At the end of 1939 almost no Jewish citizens could be seen anymore, unless they had the opportunity to hide in houses of established German families who were not in threat of being observed.

When in May 1945, at the end of the War, the committed crimes on the Jews were revealed, the Germans denied that they were aware of the Holocaust.

Today the Holocaust is proved and people who are still unconfident can claim a lot of evidence in vast resources.

Hopefully people will never forget this undescribably bad event in order to be enabled to prevent in the future.

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