Ireen Perveen
Lane Igodin
March 20, 2017
The Education Ladder
US Primary System
According to the writers , Maryanne Datesman and Edward Kearny, "American ways 2014", the perspective of the Americans on the US public system is as an education ladder, rising from elementary school to high school then to college undergraduate and finally to graduate programs. Most children start their school at the age of five , by attending kindergarten and at the age of three or four they attend preschool programs. Usually there are five to six years of elementary school, two to three years of middle school, and four years of high school. American public schools are free and open to all the students of elementary and secondary level. Although the great majority of children attend the free public elementary and high school, about 10 percent of students choose to attend private schools. Although there are some elite private schools that serve mainly upper class children. For these private schools, students have to pay high tuition fees, so only wealthier families can afford to study there. Scholarships are usually offered to some talented students but they cannot attend these schools because they face the obstacles of high education expenses. Parents often send their kids to these schools in order to receive a good education. Elitist private schools often give an extra education and social advantage to their students. In addition, private school students are enriched with many qualities and opportunities , as a result they can easily compete with public school students for admission to the best universities. 35 percent of the students can get admission to the Harvard; these students are ones who graduate from private schools. Traditionally, the largest percent of money for schools come from the local level, primarily from property taxes. Wealthier school districts have beautiful environment and technology with best equipment. On the other hand, public school has less modern equipment and older building.

US Community College System
According to the writers, Maryanne Datesman and Edward Kearny, "American ways 2014", the Americans view their US community as an education ladder, where the majority of students go to college after finishing high school. Although, students may receive an associate degree by studying for two years in a community college. The public colleges charge tuition fees and have competitive entrance requirements. In the US there are no separate public education system with a higher level of education for the middle and lower level students. There are a number of financial aid programs in the form of loans and scholarships available at both public and private college . A growing number of students cannot afford to go away to college and pay the tuition fees for a public/private university. They instead chose to attend community college. In addition, students may also study at a community college for first two years and the transfer to a four year university. Community colleges offer various educational opportunities to larger amount of students who are not able to attend a university. The popularity of community college continues to grow.

US University System
According to the writers, Maryanne Datesman and Edward Kearny, "American ways 2014", from the American view their US universities system, where money is also increasingly a factor in receiving a college education. The cost of an education is rising rapidly than the average family income. In the public colleges there is vast number of financial aid programs and scholarships as well as private colleges. For public colleges, two and four year of education costs $8655. In contrast, for private colleges four year of education costs $29056. Due to the importance of higher education, many adults take classes at different colleges. Many universities are making it easier for students to take through distance learning using the internet.