Ireen Perveen
Prof. Lane Igodin
April 16 , 2017
The American Family Structure
According to the text "Family Structure", the writer explains that the majority of adult middle class Americans claim that unhappy couples should stay married for the sake of their children, a significant change in attitude since the 1950's. Many people do not believe in the sacrifice of individual happiness for the sake of children. Divorce is now so common that children are not embarrassed to say that their parents are divorced. Judith Wallerstein has studied the effect of divorce on children as they grew up. In her book "The unexpected legacy of Divorce": A 25 year landmark study, where she explains that by the year 2000, almost half of the American adults under the age of forty were children of divorced parents. Judith for 25 years have kept track of a group of children whose parents were divorced and compared their experiences with others whose parents together "for the sake of the children". However divorce had a lasting effect on children as they grew into adulthood and formed their relationships. Children were afraid of causing their children the pain that they had experienced growing up. In the years after world war 2, much stress was placed on the psychological needs of children and the number of expert in this field increased enormously. Child psychologists, counselors, and social workers were employed to help children with problems at school or in the family. According to the book "The American Family", the writer says that Today's parents seem more concerned about teaching their children "responsibility". Some Americans worry that there is too much democracy at home. They would argue that there has been a significant decline in parental authority and children's respect for their parents. This is particularly true of teenagers. Some parents seem to have little control over the behavior of their teenage children, specifically, after they turn sixteen and get their driver's licenses. Another problem parents have with teenagers is monitoring their online activity. On the other hand, many Americans give young people a lot of freedom because they want to teach their children to be independent and self-reliant. Traditionally, American children have been expected to "leave the rest" at about age eighteen.

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