A/. Library search for materials on asylum seekers and human rights.

This section describes in first word how the writer sets about to search for materials on asylum seekers and human rights using the Deakin University library website and Google Australia. The writer provides a basic step-by-step account. The writer assumes the reader has no knowledge of how to search for library research material and the reader has computer and Internet knowledge.

I accessed our University?s library website by visiting www.deakin.edu.au/library. On this site in the centre of the main body of text is a box with a border. It has written ?Find it!? typed in bold on the top left hand corner.

Within the ?Find it!? box is another smaller text box. Just above this text box are two hyperlinks. I clicked the ?classic view? hyperlink. This opens a new webpage and enables me to search for books, journals, e-books, videos, unit related material and much more.

In the classic view search screen, a number of variables are available to use for searching. I chose the ?Keyword? variable in the drop down menu box. In the text box directly to the right, I typed the word ?asylum seeker?. In the drop down menu box next to that on the right, I selected variable ?View entire collection?. Then I clicked search.

Search results in a variety of subject matter. I look for relevant material by scanning the articles bibliography. Material of interest I open in a new browser tab to come back to later and keep scanning the search results for more data.

Returning to the classic view search box, I chose the ?Subject Heading? search variable and typed in human rights. This method returns a different multitude of scholarly articles. I peruse through the bibliographies and open in new browser tabs the material I am interested in to read later.

For Google searches, I used Google Australia at www.google.com.au. In Google?s search text box, just to the right in small letters is the ?Advanced search? hyperlink. I clicked this hyperlink and it opened a new webpage with ten search variables.

In the ?all of these words? text box I typed asylum seekers Australia.

Just below the text box are other search variables. I set the reading language to English and the file format to any. I clicked the advanced search button to the bottom right.

The Google search results returned with a further refinement variable of the search for basic, intermediate or advanced websites on the topic. The returned results are very sufficient for me in an eliminative approach.

The website I chose as a returned search result was http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/journals/HRD/2006/13.html. This was not discovered in my Deakin library search.

Returning to Google Australia?s main webpage, in the text box I typed human rights.

On the search results first page, I chose the Australian Human Rights Commission website. Their hyperlink is;

Searching for quality research material using the Deakin library and Google Australia advanced search websites is very easy. Utilising Bonus on Deakin University?s library website is very advantageous and provides me with access to over two million university books and journals.
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C/. Abstract of Chapter 7, Journal Articles.

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