In the last third of the Csik book, The Domains of Life, explores the different areas of creativity, and how creativity is found in every part of daily life. It was interesting to see how many artists all found some solace in their craft. They often used their personal struggles as a muse. Whether it was to mask their pain, create another reality, explain their reality, or expel all their emotions each artist drew from their pain or some of their life struggles. Depending on how a person looks at life, with enough passion for any given subject they can find creativity in whatever they do.
I guess I can say with the final days winding down in this election the only creativity I have observed is the creative pitches from each campaign, the insanely creative and elaborate rumors spreading across social media, and the creativity it takes to cherry pick facts to come up with half-truths. I would say at the moment the current election cycle has been such a spectacle. However, out of the madness comedy has been a welcome distraction, and it has definitely left writers with a lot of material. So this is further proof that from creativity thrives in suffering.